Cleveland 63” Iron Dome Top Floor Bird Cage with Wheels


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Keep your favorite feathered creature safe with this dome top, metal bird cage. Crafted from wrought iron, with a waterproof finish, it is rust, UV, stain, and odor resistant. The cage sits on four casters for easy mobility around your home. It also includes seed catchers, interior perch and feeder bowls (three food cups), a removable seed tray and bottom grate for quick cleaning, and five doors. This cage is perfect for cockatiels, and lovebirds.
What’s Included?
Wood;Plastic Perch(es)
3 Food Cup(s)
Breeder box door
Stainless steel dishes
Swing can be hung from the dome top
Includes seed catchers, Industrial Strength Screw in Casters, Interior Perch and Feeder Bowls, Removable Seed Tray, Removable Grate at bottom for easier cleaning, and 2nd locking device on Main Door


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