Starrett 98-6 6-Inch Precision Machinists Level


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  • USED FOR: A level is a measuring tool with a liquid-filled vial with a bubble that moves when adjustments are made When it settles, it indicates that a surface is horizontally or vertically straight
  • ACCURATE READINGS: This precision level has a graduation of 0.42 mm/m or 80-90 seconds, and the ground glass main vial is graduated and adjustable to a positive setting for accurate results
  • TWO DIRECTION LEVELING: The second cross-test vial enables simultaneous leveling in two directions for precise measurements
  • LEVELS ROUND ITEMS: An involute groove runs the entire length of the level base and provides a reliable seat for round work, such as leveling pipes or shafting
  • Accurate and reliable machinist’s level
  • Cross test vial allows simultaneous leveling in both directions
  • Ground and gradated main vial


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